Pneumatic Presses

Grape pressing is one of the most important stages of grape processing. It is a delicate process that requires extensive knowledge and experience. In order to achieve constant wine quality, the pressing should always be adapted to grape characteristics, most importantly grape variety, ripeness degree, and the stems to grape berries ratio. Before pressing, the winemaker has to determine the kind of wine he wants to produce in terms of style (fruity, young, wine for aging, etc.) and type (sparkling wine, rosé, etc.).

That is why the pneumatic press is an indispensable device in a winery today.

Tradition and quality

Škrlj d.o.o. is a family business that has been developing grape presses based on their own experience. Being winemakers themselves, they knew exactly what needed to be done. Every product they made was tested and improved in their own winery. Today, it can be said with certainty that what Škrlj grape presses bring to the table are proven quality, long lifespan, and success for a winery.

The presses are regularly upgraded, we try to update their design and add innovations as frequently as possible, while also searching for any solutions that are better suited to enological trends and demands.

Choose a pneumatic press.

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  • compact support frame (stainless steel EN 1.4301)
  • drive mechanism protection cover, ABS plastic
  • transport wheels: 2 fixed wheels, 2 swivel wheels with brake
  • safety cord
  • model P: open system, perforated drum
  • model T: closed system, perforated drain channels
  • model H: closed system, perforated drain channels (connected), larger drainage surface
  • electropolished drain channels
  • cooling jacket in the cylindrical part of the drum (option)
  • drum cleaning opening
  • covers half of the drum surface
  • material: special PVC-coated fabric
  • certified for use in the food industry
  • fixed juice collection pan, movable drainage plateau (figure A)
  • juice collection pan on wheels, fixed drainage plateau (figure B)
  • hermetically sealed juice collection pan, only for press model PSH (figure C)
  • collection pan outlet sieve
  • level switch
Juice collection pan
  • electrical cabinet with main IG switch
  • vacuum pump
  • compressor, auxiliary compressor
  • electric motor
  • drum drive
  • safety valve
  • AE automatics (5 standard pressing programs and manual operating mode)
  • AV/AVk automatics (10 standard pressing programs with program parameter modification and manual operating mode)
  • ATk automatics (touch screen, 10 standard pressing programs with program parameter modification, possible entry of 10 additional programs, press filling program, maceration program, and manual operating mode)
Control panel
  • single-leaf or double-leaf sliding door, manual opening (figure A)
  • single-leaf or double-leaf sliding door, pneumatic drive on one or both door leaves, operation via the control panel (figure B)
  • hermetic door, manual opening
  • hermetic door, pneumatic drive, operation via the control panel (figure C)
  • adjustable pneumatic door opening
Press door
  • press drum filling through the central filling connector with simultaneous drum rotation
  • ball valve, manual control (figure A)
  • pneumatic valve, control via the control panel (figure B)
  • drum overfill sound alarm unit (figure C)
 Central filling connector

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Weingut Stadt Krems // Austria

Weingut Stadt Krems // Austria

Krems an der Donau

Ever since 1452, a unique and special expression of Austrian wine culture has flourished at the centre of Krems an der Donau – Weingut Stadt Krems. What makes it even more unique is the fact that the city of Krems is its sole proprietor. They have made it their priority to lead a sustainable business and preserve the biodiversity in the vineyards by working without herbicides or insecticides. SK Škrlj has helped equip their winery with a set of wine storage tanks, as well as an access staircase and platform.

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