Labeling Machines

A practical and effective solution for small and medium-scale serial production

The semiautomatic labelling machine E03 is used for applying labels on bottles and other containers of similar cylindrical shape. The machine can apply one or two self-adhesive labels, which are winded on a label roll. The built-in photoelectric sensor (photocell) detects the space between the individual labels on the tape and enables precise label positioning in the desired spot.



If requested, we can install an additional photoelectric sensor that can detect an already existing label or emblem on the bottle and therefore enables precise positioning of any additional labels.

A labelling machine with higher rolls (230 mm) is suitable for applying labels on wine bottles.  A labelling machine with lower label rolls (180 mm) is suitable for labelling smaller bottles (beer, juice bottles, etc.).

CUBE2BREW // Slovenia

CUBE2BREW // Slovenia

Mobile Container Brewery

Together with Dematech, our distributor for the South African region, we have designed and successfully carried out a mobile container brewery project. In November 2019, the Cube2Brew mobile brewery completed its first long journey as it travelled to Nürnberg, where it was part of, or better yet, the star of our stand at the BrauBeviale, a famous international beer brewing trade fair. More...

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