Open Pressing System

Half of the press drum is perforated, while the other half is covered by an impermeable membrane. A built-in compressor is used to establish the desired pressure within the drum. This inflates the membrane, which consequently presses the grape mass and drains the must. Must then flows through the perforated half of the drum into a collection pan. Soft grape and grape pomace membrane pressing with compressed air prevents any mechanical damage to the grapes, thus ensuring a production of high-quality must and wine.

boben psp

The presses up to size PSP16 have an electropolished drum in their standard design, which brings some advantages:

  • reduced grape pomace sticking to the drum surface, which means better must flow through drainage holes,
  • easier drum cleaning, reduced water consumption,
  • reduced possibility of coating on the material,
  • increased corrosion resistance of the material.

The main advantage of the open pressing system is its large draining surface.

Fabrica Grivița // Romania

Fabrica Grivița // Romania


Fabrica Grivița is an independent brewery and brewpub with its own bar and terrace, which was established in 2019. The only thing separating the brewhouse and other equipment from the pub is a transparent wall, which allows the customers to observe the brewing process. Fabrica Grivița favours traditional styles, particularly lagers, although they don't shy away from the occasional collaborative venture or even modern craft beer styles, such as Hazy IPA.

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