Closed Pressing System

Half of the press drum is covered by an impermeable membrane, while there are perforated draining channels all along the other half. A built-in compressor is used to establish the desired pressure within the drum. This inflates the membrane, which consequently presses the grape mass and drains the must. Must then flows through draining openings into a collection pan. Soft grape and grape pomace membrane pressing with compressed air prevents any mechanical damage to the grapes, thus ensuring a production of high-quality must and wine.

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The draining channels are electropolished. Advantages of an electropolished surface:

  • reduced grape pomace sticking to the drum surface, which means better must flow through drainage holes,
  • easier drum cleaning, reduced water consumption,
  • surface looks glossy and shiny,
  • reduced possibility of coating on the material,
  • increased corrosion resistance of the material.

Grape presses with a closed pressing system can also be used for grape pomace fermentation and maceration inside the drum. In this case, it is recommended that the press drum also be equipped with a cooling jacket (pillow plate).

The main advantage of a closed pressing system is a reduced possibility of must oxidation.

Okavango Craft Brewery // Botswana

Okavango Craft Brewery // Botswana


Established in 2019 in the city of Maun, which is located in Northern Botswana, Okavango Craft Brewery is the first licensed microbrewery in the area. It is named after the Okavango Delta, home to one of the largest elephant populations in the world. While their primary goal is to make top quality beer, they've also made it their mission to reduce their environmental impact and to support local economies, as well as local "elephant-aware" farmers who have integrated sustainable farming methods.

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