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Natural fat-soluble bioactive compound extraction systems

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Butane extraction

Volatile hydrocarbon extraction

Volatile hydrocarbon extraction is a process used for extracting lipophilic (fat) components from plant materials. Usually, the hydrocarbon used as solvent is either n-propane or n-butane, as they have a low boiling point and enable efficient extraction at low temperatures and relatively low pressures.

This extraction method is most popular among CBD paste producers, mostly because the process is fast and the extraction device does not require advanced technological process knowledge. Compared to supercritical extraction, the technology is simpler and the extraction process is faster, but it does not enable a selective extraction of individual components.

For this purpose we are developing the MoHES system.


MoHES system

The Škrlj MoHES system is designed to extract natural fat-soluble bioactive compounds from various materials of plant or animal origin using n-propane, n-butane, or isobutane. The system is particularly effective for the extraction of hemp paste, as there is no need to separate the extract into components.

The Škrlj MoHES system has an explosion-proof design and is controlled using an intuitive control system software that complies with GMP standards. Manual operation is limited to vessel filling and emptying.

Modular design

The system is designed modularly: we offer basic semi-industrial and industrial systems with two or three extraction vessels (10 or 25 liters).

At Škrlj d.o.o. we always try to further develop and upgrade the system and its equipment to better fit our customers' needs and facilitate its use



  • The gas condensation pump is used to reduce the pressure in the evaporation vessel and to condensate the gas in the recycler. MoHES systems are equipped with a pump that operates in explosion-proof mode.
  • The extraction process is carried out in extraction cylinders that are equipped with an automatic cooling system (below -20 °C). The cylinders have a volume of 10 or 25 liters and are equipped with a lid that has a locking system. They are made of stainless steel and TÜV certified.
  • The products are collected in the collection vessel at the bottom of the extraction cylinder. The collection vessels have a volume of 2 or 5 liters. They are made of stainless steel and TÜV certified.
  • The extraction is carried out in a closed system and gases are recycled throughout the entire process. The recycler is a liquid gas collection vessel, equipped with an automatic heating/cooling system. The recycler's nominal volume is 2 times the volume of the extraction cylinders. It is made of stainless steel and TÜV certified as a pressure vessel.

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