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Natural fat-soluble bioactive compound extraction systems

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Alcohol extraction

Alcohol extraction is a process used to obtain (or remove) oils, fats, or other polar chemical compounds (e.g. cannabinoids) from plant materials. Usually, the substance used as solvent is a lower alcohol (e.g. methanol or ethanol). The selectivity and power of the extraction medium is partly regulated with temperature changes. Lowering the temperature reduces alcohol polarity and increases its viscosity, which influences the extraction process.

Alcohol extraction processes may also include ultrasonic (USE) and high pressure (HPEA) alcohol extractions.


Cryo-ethanol extraction

Cryo-ethanol extraction is carried out at temperatures below – 50 °C. Usually, the extraction is carried out using dietary ethanol, but the chosen alcohol depends on the substance you wish to obtain and its future purpose of use. The use of the cryogenic extraction method is becoming increasingly popular in hemp paste production, mainly due to the fact that the product does not need to be »winterized« during further extract treatment.

For this purpose we are developing the MoAES system.


MoAES system

The Škrlj MoAES system is designed for cryogenic extraction.

Device equipment can be further upgraded at customer request.


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Fabrica Grivița // Romania


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