New and improved ZMI fermenter


Based on user suggestions, we were able to combine the ideas of our constructors and take advantage of the new technological acquisitions of our production department to create a new generation of cylindroconical beer fermenters - the ZMI model.

While designing the new ZMI model, our main focus was on product improvement with an emphasis on a favorable price-performance ratio. With this new and affordable model, we offer users a high quality beer fermentation and maturation tank, with all technical features and equipment, which are necessary to execute a perfect fermentation process. The ZMI fermenter is available in three different sizes: 250, 500 and 1000 liters.

ZMI fermenters fall into the category of pressure vessels, which means they are designed and manufactured in accordance with the PED Directive (2014/68/EU). Projects are carried out under the supervision of the quality assessment notified body TÜV SÜD. Tank documentation includes all documents (calculations, certificates, as well as manufacturing, testing, and certification process information), which are required to register a fermenter with the local Pressure Equipment Directive notified body.


Technical improvements of the new model:

  • thicker tank insulation (60 mm)
    The tank wall and cone bottom have a double jacket. The inner jacket is equipped with cooling surfaces (pillow plate). All cooling jackets are laser welded. The laser welding technology makes it easier to adapt and avoid the elements on the tank (door, connectors), which means cooling surface loss is very small. The space between the two jackets is insulated with polyurethane foam (insulation thickness: 60 mm). Thanks to this effective insulation system, temperature variations inside the tank are small, which means you do not need much extra energy to maintain the desired temperature.

  • different leg design (3 legs)
    The new three-leg design enables easier tank installation and leveling. Leg height is adjustable.

  • drain and decanting connector at conical bottom, removable
    Placing the decanting connector at the conical bottom reduces beer loss due to sediment buildup.

  • hygienic manway, Ø 420 mm, outswing door
    The outswing door design reduces the risk of internal tank surface contamination with impurities that may accumulate on the door surface. It also makes it much easier to add yeast and to carry out the dry hopping process. The door is sealed with six five-arm threaded-stud knobs.

Click on the image and drag left/right to view the 3D model.